78 Degrees Of Wisdom: Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A by Rachel Pollack

By Rachel Pollack

Jointly in a single quantity for the 1st time, those are the vintage texts that helped release the trendy Tarot renaissance. usually defined because the Bible of Tarot readers, they convey wisdom of fantasy and smooth psychology to the Tarot's old symbolism.

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You understand that the highest goal in the Cabalistic system is to be oneself. The white rose symbolizes the ideal of finding within yourself the desire that most represents yourself, and cultivating it at the expense of everything else. This is all that is meant by the purification of desire. It has nothing to do with morality. It has to do with singleness of purpose. Desire usually pulls us unconsciously all over the place. This is our weakness until we overcome it. When we finally meet ourselves and know what it is we want, then we get intense about what we want.

When you say that and know it's true, that's the end of all your worries. K E Y 1 : THE M A G I C I A N b 21 What do you think of the alchemists who wanted to make gold? Outwardly, the alchemists were some of the most ambitious people the world has ever seen. Inwardly, however, ALCHEMY is a search for spiritual experience. God is included in the basic premise. For instance, pictured in Jung's book Psychology and Alchemy, God is shown as being right there in the alchemist's laboratory. This means that if the alchemist can get God to work in what he's doing, then all things become possible, including physical transformation.

You've got wonderful eyes, wonderful ears, a marvelous brain, a rr~arvelous power of discrimination, and everything else. These are gifts. All you have to do is keep these faculties from becoming beclouded, and you'll stand in the high country that is pictured in The Fool Key. If you "feel out" your own personal values about what is iinportant to you, and if you persist at it whether school keeps or not, you are going to become a philosopher. You will become philosophical simply by developing your power of discrimination.

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