A characterization of a class of locally compact Abelian by Pannenberg M.

By Pannenberg M.

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An Introduction to Harmonic Analysis on Semisimple Lie Groups (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics)

Now in paperback, this graduate-level textbook is a superb creation to the illustration idea of semi-simple Lie teams. Professor Varadarajan emphasizes the improvement of important issues within the context of detailed examples. He starts off with an account of compact teams and discusses the Harish-Chandra modules of SL(2,R) and SL(2,C).

Molecular Symmetry

Symmetry and workforce thought offer us with a rigorous process for the outline of the geometry of items through describing the styles of their constitution. In chemistry it's a robust idea that underlies many it seems that disparate phenomena. Symmetry permits us to appropriately describe the categories of bonding which can happen among atoms or teams of atoms in molecules.

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