A physicist's guide to skepticism by Milton A. Rothman

By Milton A. Rothman

The legislation of physics supply uncomplicated ideas defining what's attainable - and never attainable - within the actual global. This ebook examines and evaluations many generally held pseudoscientific ideals in mild of those legislation. instead of treating supernatural claims on a case-by-case foundation, Milton Rothman makes use of the final ideas provided via physics to teach why they're, in truth, very unlikely. Rothman divides the legislation of physics into periods: legislation of permission and legislation of denial. legislation of permission, reminiscent of Newton's legislation of movement, quite often don't let specified predictions other than within the least difficult circumstances. legislation of denial, equivalent to conservation of strength, allow very exact conclusions approximately what can't most likely ensue. He makes use of those recommendations to ascertain and critique the potential life of varied paranormal phenomena, resembling UFOs, telepathy, perpetual movement machines, poltergeists, and so on. He additionally discusses a few suggestions conventional to technology fiction: anti-gravity, faster-than-light go back and forth, time trip, etc., that are proven to be very unlikely while topic to rigorous exam. Written in a technically actual but unique kind, this publication will attract the non-specialist but nonetheless current recommendations of curiosity to either expert scientists and philosophers of technology.

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In 1980, the CIA asked Ken Bell to help them with a suspected KGB agent who had been detained by BOSS (the South African intelligence organization) in South Africa. The KGB agent was proving difficult to break. Bell remotely viewed the KGB suspect and telepathically interrogated the man. During this psychic interrogation, Bell asked the man questions which were telepathically transmitted to the Russian and appeared in the man's thoughts as if he was asking them of himself. Bell discovered that the suspect was using a pocket calculator specially modified to decode messages from the KGB.

Two years later, Voyager 1 sent back pictures of Jupiter showing the planet did indeed have a ring around it. No time delay in Ingo Swann’s remote viewing of Jupiter had been noted. This indicates that electromagnetic radiation is not the carrier for remote viewing. Experiments have been conducted in which remote viewers try to look at distant locations from shielded rooms which block out all electromagnetic radiation. The shielded rooms offer no impediment. The conclusion to be drawn is that something other than electromagnetic radiation must be involved in remote viewing.

I have found that autovisualization of the brain itself can alter consciousness and develop remote-viewing abilities without recourse to expensive biofeedback and EEG machines, as used by the Russian and US military for remote viewing. ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS The electromagnetic field around the body consists of infrared and visual-range radiation, together with electric and magnetic fields. My research interest has been in the biological and biophysical basis of paranormal phenomena. Since the body has an intrinsic electromagnetic mantle, could this electromagnetic field be projected outside the body?

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