A Rosicrucian Notebook: The Secret Sciences Used by Members by Willy Schrodter

By Willy Schrodter

First-ever own account of the key sciences of the Rosicrncians, translated into English. Schrodter researched info on such subject matters as blood telegraphy, ever-burning lamps, optics, non secular abilities in therapeutic, transplantation, isopathy, and magnetism.

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It is too difficult for the factual mind of the researcher to admit that enlightenment can be carried in the heart of a culture, hidden in plain sight in the works of art and literature without ever shouting out its purpose directly for all to hear. Artists and mystics speak a language to which the average person is deaf. It is held by some that the members of the Rosicrucian secret society are simply all legitimate initiates of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Central to this tradition is the medieval symbol of the Rose Cross, the Calvary Cross of Christ, from the center of which blooms the rose.

Is it possible that they all have fabricated their credibility in similar ways? Does it make them less effective if they have? Was Jesus really born of a virgin? Does it matter? There is much about spiritual practice that is pretentiously romanticized and has little to do with the actual happenings within the mindlbody of the practitioner. The adrenaline-stirring imagery, the thought-provoking sigils, and the overly fanciful descriptions of "layers of the aura" on one level satiate the mind, which is hungry for facts, but the real work of the soul, unimaginably simple, proceeds onward beneath the surface.

There, in death, was Christian Rosenkreutz, in his secret crypt, in a nearly perfect state of preservation. 17 Scholars have tried to verify the existence of the secret society of the Rosicrucians within the context of medieval Europe, but nothing conclusive has ever been uncovered. e. as the founder of the order, but no link between that title and the name of the man existed until much later. There is no record of the learned men of Spain ever receiving a guest, such as Rosenkreutz, purporting to have knowledge of a secret doctrine that reformed the arts, sciences, and religion of Western Europe.

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