A Treatise on Currency and Banking. by Condy Raguet

By Condy Raguet

HiG 6L ELLIOT. A extra pleasant addition may well scarcely be made to the library of the gentleman or woman of flavor and refinement. The prize poems, hymns, and miscellaneous writings of Bishop Heber, the process Time through Pollok, and the wealthy, numerous, and luxurious productions of the Rev. George Crabbe, are one of the average works, the classics of our language. to procure and guard them in a single quantity, can't yet be a fascinating item to their admirers. And it's to be was hoping will probably be present in the library of each kinfolk. A author within the Boston vacationer holds the next language as regards to those worthwhile variants: Mr. Editor I wbh, with none notion of puffing, to assert a notice or upon the Library of English Poets that's now released at Philadelphia, by way of Grigg Elliot; it really is definitely, considering the stylish demeanour during which it really is published, and the moderate fee at which it really is am rded to buyers, the simplest version of the fashionable British Poets that has ever been released during this nation. each one quantity is an 8vo of approximately 500 pages, double columns, stereotyped, and followed with 6ne engravings and biographical sketches, and so much of them are reprinted from Galignanis French variation. As to its worth we'd like in simple terms point out that it comprises the whole works of Montgomery, grey, Beattie, Collins, Byron, Cowper,T hom. son, Burns, Milton, younger, Scot Moore, Coleridge, Rogers, Campbell, Lamb, Hemans, Heber, Kirk White, Crabbe, the Miscellaneous Works of Goldsmith, and different martyrs of the lyre. The publishers are doing an excellent provider by way of their book, and their volumes are virtually in as nice call for because the stylish novels of the day, they usually should be so, for they're definitely published in a mode more desirable to that during which we've prior to had the works of the English Poets. THE BEAUTIES OF heritage, or Examples of the other E
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If bills of exchange are scarce, their price will be high. If they are plenty, their price will be low. There is, however, one peculiarity belonging to a bill of exchange, which is not common to any commodity, and which ought always to be kept in mind in discussing this subject. It is, that if it cannot be sold at a price that will suit its owner, he has it in his power to avoid the necessity of a sale at great loss by importing his funds in coin; and if it CURRENCY AND BANKING. 27 cannot be purchased at a price that will suit a purchaser, the latter can avoid the necessity of a disadvantageous purchase by exporting coin in payment of his debt.

97-100 cents of United States silver currency; but 40 cents are usually assumed as the par of exchange. 144-1000 cents United States currency. The rix dollar of Bremen is a money of account, equal to 80 cents and a very small fraction United States currency. 36 A TREATISE ON FROM TATK'S CAMBIST. The par of exchange between London and Paris, is 25 francs, 22 centimes per £ stg. in gold. " is 25 " 57 " " in silver. Amsterdam, is 12 guilders, 09 centimes " in gold. " is 11 " 97 " " in silver. Hamburgh, is ,13 m'cs banco, 10$ schillings, " Bremen is 609J Rix dollars for 100 £ stg.

A third species of depreciation is that which results from the wear and tear of the coins of a country, by which they lose in weight, and consequently in value. In some countries this diminution in the weight of the coins has been permitted to exist to such an extent before a new coinage has been ordered, as materially to affect the rate of exchange, the par of which calls for ounce against ounce, and consequently in such cases, the true par has differed from the nominal par, precisely to an extent equal to the depreciation.

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