Advanced Logic for Applications, 1st Edition by Richard E. Grandy (auth.)

By Richard E. Grandy (auth.)

This e-book is meant to be a survey of crucial ends up in mathematical good judgment for philosophers. it's a survey of effects that have philosophical value and it truly is meant to be obtainable to philosophers. i've got assumed the mathematical sophistication got· in an introductory common sense direction or in analyzing a easy good judgment textual content. as well as proving the main philosophically major leads to mathematical good judgment, i've got tried to demonstrate a variety of tools of facts. for instance, the completeness of quantification thought is proved either constructively and non-constructively and relative advert­ vantages of every form of evidence are mentioned. equally, positive and non-constructive types of Godel's first incompleteness theorem are given. i am hoping that the reader· will advance facility with the equipment of evidence and likewise be as a result of give some thought to their alterations. i guess familiarity with quantification concept either in less than­ status the notations and find item language proofs. Strictly conversing the presentation is self-contained, however it will be very tough for somebody with no heritage within the topic to keep on with the cloth from the start. this is often priceless if the notes are to be obtainable to readers who've had varied backgrounds at a extra hassle-free point. notwithstanding, to cause them to obtainable to readers without history will require writing one more introductory good judgment textual content. quite a few workouts were incorporated and lots of of those are fundamental elements of the proofs.

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Therefore for some B, -A f- Band - A f- - B, and hence f-A. Strong Completeness. If B), .. Bn ~ A then B), . Bn f- A. If B), ... Bn ~ A, then ~ B) ::J (B 2 ::J ... (Bn ::J A) ... ) and by weak completeness f- B) ::J (B 2 ::J ... (Bn ::J A) ... ) and so by modus ponens B)o ... Bn f- A. We can also give a new proof of compactness once we prove: Strong Soundness of HPC. If A), ... Anf-HPCB then A), . An ~ B. Proof. A)o ... An f- B iff f- A) ::J (A 2 , ••• (An ::J B» (by deduction theorem) so ~ (A) ::J ( ...

Our next project is to give a system of quantification theory which extends the ideas of the Gentzen Sentential Calculus. We would expect to add two new rules for each of the two quantifiers. To find the new rules we follow the 'search for a counterexample' strategy. If we want to refute a sequent r~ (v )A, Ll, it suffices to make all of the formulas in r T and the formulas in {( v )A, Ll }F. 1 To make (v)A F it suffices to make A~F for some t. Thus we can reduce the problem of refuting r ~ (v )A, Ll to that of refuting r ~ A~, Ll.

But this is impossible if r ~ Ll is valid. COROLLARY 1. In GSC+, if derivable without using cut. r ~ Ll is derivable using cut, it is also GENTZEN SYSTEMS AND COMPLETENESS PROOFS 27 COROLLARY 2. ;ccurs in the proof is a subfOrmula of a formula in r ~ Ll. ] COROLLARY 3. There is a decision procedure for provability in GSC+. Proof. Constructing Tn is a mechanical task and supplemented by Lemma 2 will produce a proof if there is one and will terminate in a non-proof if there is none. EXERCISE 9. Show that Corollary 2 does not hold for HSC.

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