African Mythology A to Z by Patricia Ann Lynch

By Patricia Ann Lynch

The 1st people could have come from Africa, and lots of nice civilizations have flourished there. From the lengthy background of human habitation in Africa; the various geography, plants, and fauna of the continent; and the diversity of African cultural ideals comes a desirable and robust culture of delusion. African Mythology A to Z is a readable connection with the deities, locations, occasions, animals, ideals, and different matters that seem within the myths of varied African peoples. With approximately three hundred entries written to notify and attract youth - and illustrations accompanying the textual content all through - this worthy source sheds gentle on an issue that many american citizens, old and young, locate themselves attracted to learn. With an advent that offers ancient context for larger realizing the myths, African Mythology A to Z absolutely describes, defines, and explains key tales, characters, subject matters, and different features of the myths of African peoples.

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When the Moon told Tore what the humans had done, Tore became so angry that he sent death as a punishment. ) In Efe tradition, Baatsi was another name for the Supreme God AREBATI. BACHWEZI See CHWEZI. BAGANDA PANTHEON See LUBAALE. BAMBARA CREATION ACCOUNT Bambara (Mali) There are several different versions of the Bambara creation account, each of which offers conflicting descriptions of the relationships among the principal figures. According to legend, in the beginning there was nothing but the emptiness of the void.

When enemies came from behind, their approach would be reflected in the chameleon’s skin. Therefore, the Great God MAWU-LISA sent a chameleon to Earth with the first humans to protect them. Chameleons often appear in myths as messengers—intermediaries between the SUPREME BEING and other deities or humans on Earth. In the Yoruba tradition, a chameleon named AGEMO carried messages between OLORUN, the Supreme God, and the other deities of the Yoruba PANTHEON. In myths about the ORIGIN OF DEATH, a chameleon was frequently one of two messengers sent by the Creator to tell humans whether death would be temporary or permanent.

In the tradition of the Yoruba of Nigeria, crocodiles were associated with kingship. The crocodile’s ability to both walk on land and swim in water acted as a metaphor for the belief that kings also lived in two realms—the world of ordinary life and the world of the gods and spirits. In a myth of the Habbe of Mali, crocodiles helped the Habbe escape from enemies by carrying them across the Niger River on their backs. ) In the BUSHONGO CREATION ACCOUNT, a crocodile created all of the other reptiles and lizards.

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