Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler

By Chuck Missler

Minimum shelfwear w/black dot and a line within entrance hide in simple terms flaw. No markings. Pages are fresh and brilliant. Binding is tight.

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Plant material is often killed in direct proportion to the distance from the center of the landing site. ' The effects of UFO landings are confirmed by Weldon and Levitt: "... That UFOs occasionally land on the ground is lent credence by the indentations that have been found at possible land sites. A strange residue may be left on the ground, later to vanish. "82 During the time of an actual UFO encounter, a number of unusual physical phenomena have also been recorded. In a number of cases electronic appliances have been disrupted and gasoline engines shut down.

In the mythology of the Greek and Roman 31 empires we read of the Titans, the giants who were the off-spring of the "gods" and their human wives. According to mythology they also assisted in the building of the magnificent monuments of Greece. In the Bible, in the sixth chapter of Genesis, we read that giants were born when the "sons of God" (widely interpreted in modern UFO literature as a race of extraterrestrials) came to the "daughters of men," an obvious reference to human females. " According to numerous authors, these "mighty men" of the golden age were the "third party" who assisted mankind in the building of the monuments of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Americas, and the Far East.

One of the more provocative ones involves one of the security policeman. He apparently was one of many in a convoy of both American and British military assembled that night at Rendlesham Forest. The assemblage included gas-powered "light-ails" (trailer-mounted lights used for illuminating large areas), large movie cameras, and helicopters overhead. He described the object at the center of attention as taking the appearance of a transparent aspirin tablet, hovering about one foot off the ground, approximately 50 feet in diameter, with a bright, pulsating, yellow mist inside.

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