All Around the Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs by Bil Tierney

By Bil Tierney

This e-book offers a revealing new examine the astrological indicators, from Aries to Pisces. achieve a deeper figuring out of the way every one signal motivates you to develop and evolve in attention. How does Aries paintings with Pisces? What does Gemini proportion in universal with Scorpio? all over the Zodiac is the single booklet out there to discover those signal combos to any such measure.

Not a Sun-sign advisor, yet a radical examine the twelve indicators themselves, this ebook is damaged into 3 elements. half 1 defines the indicators, half 2 analyzes the expression of sixty-six pairs of symptoms, and half three designates the expression of the planets and homes within the symptoms.

·The writer has been concerned with astrology for thirty-five years and is a full-time expert astrologer
·Perfectly suited for beginning-to-intermediate scholars, in addition to execs trying to find research of inter-sign features and signal combos
·Helps the consumer produce extra exact horoscopes
·Celebrities are indexed to demonstrate the dynamic features of every signal
·Readers benefit from the author's funny slant as he skillfully blends intuitive pondering with analytical reasoning

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