Allegorical Speculation in an Oral Society: The Tabwa by Robert Cancel

By Robert Cancel

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It is a process of imeriorization succeeding a movement of intentional transcendence directed toward some objective state of affairs. To f eel. in the emotional sense of the word, is to make ours what has been put at a distance by thought in its objectifying phase. Feelings, therefore. have a very complex kind of intentionality. rized thoughts. (154) My paper suggests that there is a structural analogy between the cognitive, the imaginative, and the emotional compo nent~ of the complete metaphorical act and that the metaphorical process draws its concreteness and completeness from tbis structural analogy and this complementary functioning.

In oral namtive, subjects do literally interact, as characters, as acts, and as repeated 17 See Deborah Tannen's rem:uks on the lack of differentiation be1wccn klgical accord and a conclusion one agrees with (fannen 1982: 2·3); she also reiterates Eric Havelock's analysis of the. PlnlOn:ic •nack on poetry bec~u:se of iu d'fcc;u on lhe emotions at the expense of the intellect. sncc and construction of oral narratives. Copyrighted material 30 Allegorical Spec11/ation in an Oral Society patterns. raction develops the similarities between the subjecl~.

The coloring of character c~ be a complex operation. with voice and gesture giving depth to what is often predictable dialogue o r declaration. s to partkipate in the most pedestrian of tales. The use of descriptive detail. even in obvious d igressions. can add texture and vividness to any basic plot. Is the storyteller expressive in voice and gesture? \Vhat is lhe tcllcr•s rela- tionship to the specific audience during that session? Is the tone of the tale humorous or seriously didactic? How does the teller's personality shape the perfo rmance in context'!

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