Ammonia, Amines, Phosphine, Arsine, Stibine, Silane, Germane by C. L. Young, P. G. T. Fogg

By C. L. Young, P. G. T. Fogg

This quantity offers a finished assortment and demanding assessment of solubility information released sooner than June 1983 for the compounds of the name. quite a few thoughts have been utilized in the unique determinations; the benefits of those were thought of within the review of the knowledge. rising styles of solubility behaviour for related structures are indicated. The editors think that the e-book will either draw realization to components the place solid facts are missing and stimulate extra experimental paintings.

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10 solvent was transferred to the bulb. The bulb contents were brought back to the temperature of the measurement and shaken vigorously to establish REFERENCES: equilibrium. The pressure was measured and the Ostwald coefficient calculated from the decrease in pressure suitably corrected for the solvent vapor pressure. (authors) A m m o n i a Solubilities COMPONENTS: 1. Ammonia; 21 ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: NH3; 2. Cyclohexane; Kuznetsov, A. ; Gogoleva, T. V. [110-82-7] Zh. Fiz. Khim. 1968, 42, (Russ.

5 (estimated by the a u t h o r s ) . RKFERENCFS: 22 A m m o n i a Solubilities COMPONENTS: ORIGINAL 1. Ammonia; NH3; 2. ; Furmer, I. ; Sadilenlco, A . ; Stepanova, Z. ; Berengarten, M. G. [7664-41-7] [110-82-7] Zh, Prikt, 1300. VARIABLES: PREPARED Khim. 1978, 51, 1296- BY: C. L. 325 kPa. AUXILIARY METHOD INFORMATION AI'PARATUS/PROCEDURE: SOURCE The authors stated that they used a (ref. 1 ) . PURITY OF MATERIALS; Purity better than 99 mole per static method previously described by Bodor et al, AND cent as determined by gas However, chromatography.

7 9 9 atm = 1 . 0 1 3 X 10^ 1 2 9 1 1755 0 . 8 8 2 1 5 . 0 2525 0 . ) ME THOD AP ΡARATUS/Ρ ROCE DU RE: INFORMATION SOURCE AND Apparatus described previously was (ref. 2 ) . 1. 1. A quantity of gas, measured by changes in pressure of a known volume, was allowed into 2. PURllT OF MATERIALS: Dried with silica gel; nitrogen removed by repeated condensation. Analytically pure; cooled in liquid nitrogen and degassed contact with solvent in a thermostatted absorption vessel. 0 . 8 4 6 1 1 . 8 1 3 . 3 Pa.

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