An Alchemical Treatise on the Great Art by Antoine-Joseph Pernety

By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

Booklet by way of Pernety, Antoine-Joseph

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By the first she throws off the superfluous moisture, which would smother the Fire, and hinder its action in the earth, its matrix. By distillation she returns to the earth the moisture of which vegetation, or heat, have deprived it. Sublimation is made by the elevation of vapours in the air, where they are condensed into clouds. The second is made by rain and dew. Fair weather succeeds rain, and rain fair weather, alternately; a continual rain would inundate everything: perpetual fair weather would wither all.

Some Philosophers have called the sun the soul of the world, and have supposed it placed in the middle of the Universe, as it would be easier for it to communicate everywhere its benign influences from a center. Before having received them the Earth was in a kind of idleness, or as a female without the male. As soon as it was impregnated by them, it produced immediately, not simple vegetation as formerly, but animated and living beings, animals of all species. Thus the animals were the fruit of light, and having all the same principle, how could they, according to the common opinion, be antipathetic and contradictory?

Copyright © Flaming Sword Productions 1997 The Great Art page 36 This spirit, which is usually called instinct, when animals are spoken of, determined and almost absolutely specified in each animal, is not so in Man, because the spirit of Man is the epitome and quintessence of all the spirits of animals. So man has not a particular character which is peculiar to him, as each animal has: every dog is faithful, every lamb is gentle, every lion is bold, every cat is treacherous; but man is all at the same time, faithful, indiscreet, treacherous, intemperate, gentle, furious, bold, timid, courageous; circumstances, or reason, decide always what he is at each instant of life, and one never sees in any animal those varieties which one finds in Man, because he alone possesses the germ of all.

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