An Amazon Andes tour, by Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

By Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

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We Avoke up in the Ucayali. About 2 o clock our pilots disobey orders and take us a short cut, Avith the result that Ave stick for ten minutes or so on a mud-bank in the middle c 3 IQUITOS TO BOCCA PACHITEA 40 of t h e riAer. T h e pilots, in disgrace, bring us back again t o t h e m a i n m-er, a n d we s t a r t afresh. This a d v e n t u r e . hoAvever, takes a b o u t an hour, and Ave presently sec t h e Elisa steaming u p behind. She t a k e s our unsuccessful short cut quite easily but does n o t pass us.

We started from Massisea a b o u t 9 o'clock, and soon left the Elisa behind. 30 a n d waited for her r a t h e r anxiously. She was longer t h a n Ave expected, and d i d n ' t arrive till p a s t three. H e r excuse Avas " gathering b a n a n a s . " Whilst Ave were waiting Ave saw shoals of porpoises j u m p i n g out of the Avater in eAeiA' direction. The Captain and Mr. Robilliard had shots at t h e m with their rifles, and t h e Captain MASSISEA. SHOWING THE POLES FOR WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY thought he hit one.

Poor Dr. Herrera, Avho is t h e editor of t h e Loreto Commercial, is furious a t George's ruse, b u t , no d o u b t his speech will, none t h e less, a p p e a r in t h a t newspaper. After t h e cigars a n d coffee h a v e been finished, IQUITOS 45 t h e p h o t o g r a p h e r is sent for b y special request, a n d AVC are all a r r a n g e d in a g r o u p . T h e Prefect is in t h e middle ; I sit on his right, Mrs. Cazes on his left, a n d G. s t a n d s u p b e h i n d . Captain Good, Mr.

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