An Integral Equality and its Applications by Hille E.

By Hille E.

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Functional Analysis (Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics)

This booklet is the 1st of a multivolume sequence dedicated to an exposition of practical research equipment in smooth mathematical physics. It describes the basic ideas of useful research and is basically self-contained, even though there are occasional references to later volumes. now we have incorporated a number of purposes after we concept that they'd offer motivation for the reader.

Distributions in the Physical and Engineering Sciences: Distributional and Fractal Calculus, Integral Transforms and Wavelets (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis)

A complete exposition on analytic equipment for fixing technological know-how and engineering difficulties, written from the unifying point of view of distribution idea and enriched with many sleek issues that are very important to practioners and researchers. The ebook is perfect for a basic clinical and engineering viewers, but it truly is mathematically distinct.

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