An introduction to databases with web applications by Martyn Prigmore

By Martyn Prigmore

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Suppose Paul Smith and Selma Hutchins both open a copy of the text file in Notepad. Selma changes her phone number to 8706 and saves the file. Paul’s copy still has Selma’s old phone number, 6154. When he finishes his changes and saves his file, he overwrites Selma’s new phone number with her old one. A database is less prone to this sort of problem. Users can be given permission to change their own details, but not to delete them or change other people’s. 1 summarizes the benefits of using a database to hold the data for a web application instead of text files.

So an XSL document tells a web browser how to present the content of a document structured using the XHTML document model. This illustrates how a lot of the XML-related technologies work. One XML document, written using one XML document model, is used to tell an application what to do with some other XML document, written using a different XML document model. In fact, XSL can instruct any application how to present any kind of XML document, as long as the application understands XSL. This is an important point.

XML does not actually do anything. XML document models are descriptions of how to structure certain kinds of document. XML documents are descriptions of their content. If something needs to be done with an XML document, then someone has to write a software application that reads the document, understands the description and carries out appropriate actions. In the XHTML and XSL example, someone must write a web browser that understands both document models and can use the XSL document content as instructions on how to format the XHTML document content.

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