Analytics and Modern Warfare: Dominance by the Numbers by M. Taillard

By M. Taillard

This ebook info very easily and for even the main beginner of strength analysts not just how one can practice analytics which describe what's taking place, are expecting what's going to take place, and optimize responses, but additionally locations those analytics within the context of proactive approach improvement.

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For example, the combat capabilities of both sides in a conflict can be measured to determine whether there is a significant difference in strength between them, but each is not determined by the other. The independent means t-test is calculated as follows: t x1 x2 2 1 ¨ (n1 1)s (n (n1 1)s22 · ¨ n1 n2 · © ¸© nn ¸ n1 n2 2 ª ¹ª 1 2 ¹ The value of the test can be positive or negative, but since it is only difference for which the calculation is testing, and that is inherently nondirectional, whether the test is positive or negative does not matter.

A very simple parabola is calculated as f(x) = ax 2 + bx + c, Modeling M 35 wherein the lowest point, called the vertex, is calculated using the equation −b/(2a). Thisallows for a precise identification of the minimum possible value of, for example, the lowest average resource allocation required to successfully maintain operations in a particular mission, so that any surplus resources can be better utilized to create value in other areas or other operations, increasing the total effectiveness and efficiency of the available resources.

The new information that is formed by research 26 M Analytics and Modern Warfare is applied to a variety of relevant fields to improve operations, incorporating them into representations of operational functions known as models and, in turn, the data that are collected on operations based on those models are analyzes and the finding incorporated into the research. As a result, models are born indirectly from theory and even other models, but primarily from research, and though research can be quite difficult to perfect, it is simple to understand.

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