Ancient Egypt - Light Of The World, Volume 1 by Gerald Massey

By Gerald Massey

Not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of historical Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This ebook is among the top while it comes right down to Egyptian mythology, occultism and interpretation. it is a typical paintings nobody desires to omit. this can be quantity one out of 2.

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Thus the Lion says “Ha,” and is the figure of breathing-force; and this one of the origins in language survives in the letter H—when properly aspirated. ” The Egyptian zootypes and hieroglyphics are the letters in which such dark sayings were written and can still be read. The letter H, Hebrew He, Egyptian Ha, is the sign of breath, as a Soul of Life, but as the hieroglyphics show, even the breath that is first signified was not human. The earliest typical breather is an animal. The panting lion imaged the likeness of the solar force and the breath of the breeze at dawn, as an ideographic zootype of this especial Nature-power.

Apap was the Image of Evil as negation, sterility, non-production; and the weapon of Horus symbolized the virile power of the procreative sun. Again, it is said the phallus of Osiris is agitated for the destruction of the rebels, and it dooms the beast Baba to be powerless during millions of years. ) The Lion and phallus are elsewhere identical as zootype and type of the solar force when it is said the luminous lion in its course (the sun) is the phallus of Ra. ) As this was solar and not human, it will account for the enormous size of the image carried in the processions of the Phallus.

From Fu, the Puff-adder. H. from Ha, the panting Lion. H. from Hem or hum, the Grasshopper. N. N. N. P. Lion. from Mu, the Vulture. from Neh, the Black Vulture. from the Lizard. from the Fish. from the Crocodile. from Peh, the Lioness. T. T. T. U. U. U. from Ta, the Nestling. from the Hoopoe. from Tet, the Ibis. from the Duckling. from Un, the Hare. from Ur, the Finch. M. N. 42 P. from Pa, a Water-fowl. R. or L. from Ru, the Lion. R. from Ru, the Snake. R. from Ru, the Grasshopper. S. from Su, the Goose.

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