Apostrophe (Misfits) by Bill Kennedy, Darren Wershler-Henry

By Bill Kennedy, Darren Wershler-Henry

Within the culture of the phonetic poems of Hugo Ball and the "readymades" of Dada, this exploration of the character of verse straddles the road among shape and nonsense, among goal and chuffed coincidence. An apostrophe is a poetic determine of speech during which someone, abstraction, or entity is addressed as though it have been current; it's also the identify of a 1993 poem during which each line is an apostrophe. This venture, within which an online seek engine innovatively employs the strains of the 1993 poem as beginning issues for searches, permits the poem to extend and proceed infinitely. the quest engine is inflexible yet indiscriminant, and phrases and words that may no longer in a different way meet collide and carom away in an unpredictable demeanour. by means of turns poignant and banal, the ensuing poems are tough and appropriate to a global of elevated technological enter and intrusion.

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Lindsay, I didn’t say if you were born in the ’s • you are earning  mil + per movie; I think you can stand there and let the media take some photos of you • you are one sexy animal, you beast! • you are very nice • you are not driving home tonight • you are a fake and a fraud and you are gay! • you are in a boy band, or have even been in a boy band or have ever guest-starred on The OC, I’d love to meet you! Much love! xoxo • you are planning on sending her a note, please remember to use her new name • you are in trouble, who you gonna call?

Qxd 3/17/06 3:40 PM Page 48 (merely a cleverly disguised rip-off)* you are the unquestioned mistress of the blog • you are going to drink and you have a social host who’ll “watch” stuff • you are going to get busted and you had better do it right! • you are gonna do something wrong so ya gotta do it the right way and be sneaky • you are gonna be bad so do it the right way and be sneaky! and I had to go to a corner so as no one else would be struck by the lightning, gotta watch out for the best interest of the others • you are currently signed in as nobody • you are young, but that’s ok – what’s give-or-take nine years anyway?

This Porsche is perfect, it looks like it could have been a photo of one! qxd 3/17/06 3:40 PM Page 40 (considering touching that dial) you are probably gathering from the way I’m phrasing this that I’m trying to say that such a thing invariably opens up a huge minefield of clumsy or inappropriate wording • you are a special individual • you are something! You’re a person! You’re flesh and blood and bones and hair and nails and ears! You’re not a fish! You’re having an attack of excited butterflies today; your mind is speeding and you’re feeling a little hyper internally though not externally • you are the sort of person who sometimes indulges in the pastime of people-watching, so I can’t recommend the Hammersmith bus terminus highly enough • you are really lucky because you can play at avoiding being mown down by one of them as they zoom around on Rollerblades • you are thinking of organizing a party in the near future so you need the perfect act to entertain the guests: “It is now possible to witness electrifying and comedic live performances by Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe – together again for the very first time – in the same body!

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