Archie's Double Digest 141 (March 2003) by Sid Jacobson, Richard H. Goldwater, Victor Gorelick, Nelson

By Sid Jacobson, Richard H. Goldwater, Victor Gorelick, Nelson Ribiero

Archie's Double Digest #141 - March 2003

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C) it does not include fermions, so cannot describe matter. (d) it lacks a E8 × E8 symmetry group. 10. In string theory particle decay is explained by (a) a string splitting apart into multiple daughter strings. (b) it remains poorly understood. (c) quantum tunneling through the string potential. (d) strong vibrational modes that decouple the string. This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 2 The Classical String I: Equations of Motion When you studied classical mechanics and quantum field theory, you learned about the action and deriving the equations of motion from the Euler-Lagrange equations.

Which are mediated by particles that are really strings stuck to the brane, we experience the world as having three spatial dimensions. Gravity is mediated by strings that can leave the brane and travel off into the bulk, so we see it as a much weaker force. If we could probe the bulk somehow, we would see that gravity is actually comparable in strength. HIGHER DIMENSIONS We live in a world with three spatial dimensions. In a nutshell this means that there are three distinct directions through which movement is possible: up-down, leftright, and forward-backward.

33) Light-Cone Coordinates It will be convenient to call upon light-cone coordinates in string theory. First, let’s look at how light-cone coordinates can be defined in Minkowski space-time in general and then consider having them in the context of the worldsheet and the equations of motion of the string. As we will see, this will simplify the way we write the action and the resulting equations of motion. For simplicity, let’s take ordinary (3 + 1) dimensional space-time. The contravariant coordinates are x µ = ( x 0 , x1 , x 2 , x 3 ) where x 0 = ct and x 1 = x , x 2 = y, x 3 = z say.

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