Astrology In Roman Law And Politics: Memoirs Of The American by Frederick H. Cramer

By Frederick H. Cramer

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Scullard, Roman politics : 239. 1:2 Cicero, dc repubttca 1, 21, 34: (Panaetius and Polybius are called) “ two Greeks, who were perhaps the best versed ot them all in politics” ; Index stoic. : c. 56: compare Velleius Paterculus, 1, 13, 3; Pliny, Nat. H ist. 5, 1, 9; cf. Cichorius, Panaetius und die attische Stoikerinschrift, Rhein. Mus. 63, 1908': 197-223, esp. 220 ff. 151 For the close ties between both men, see Cicero, pro Murcna, 31. 66: Tusc. disp. 1, 33, 81; epist. ad A tt. 9, 12, 2: dc officiis 1.

F or the proud history of the town, see Strabo, 16. 2, 10 (f. 753). 115 Diodorus, frgm. 24. 2. 5 ff.. ed. Dind.. 5: 86. 1“ Floras, 2. 7 (19), 4. 147 F or an intelligent discussion of the date, see Muenzer. RE 6. 1909: c. 1143-1145. 115 Livy, epit. 56: Orosius, 5, 6, 4. speaks of 70,000. Diodorus, frgm. 34. 5. 16. and Florus. 2. 7 (19). ” 59 “ divinely inspired ” prophet. Personally anything but warlike. Eunus defeated the Roman levies time and again so that the Roman government finally for three successive years (134.

609) on Pergamon. ’* Cf. \V. Kroll, RE U . 1921: c. 1634, no. 16, ff. 77 See for example, Doxographi tjraeci, ed. Diels, 345, 9 and 383, 22, Berlin, Reiiner, 1879; compare Macrobius, somn. , 2, 9, 3 for Crates’ views on the relation between the stars and the tides. , 2. It took apparently at least forty more years for a Roman “ public ” school for such studies to make its appearance. T H E C O N V E R SIO N O F R E P U B L IC A N RO M E TO A STR O LO G Y be ascertained, but it was perhaps due to the generally favorable impression which Crates created amongst Rome's ruling group that the senatorial decree of 161 b .

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