Astrology of Transformation: A Multi-Level Approach (Quest by Dane Rudhyar

By Dane Rudhyar

A four-step method of psychology via astrology.

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He is attached to the soil of the land of his birth, to his cultural ways of feeling and reacting, and to his personifications of natural energies as gods to be placated and worshipped. The Sage is totally unattached to anything in particular. He or she allows all life, all events, all human relationships to pass through his or her consciousness — indeed through the whole of his or her being at all levels of activity. The consciousness of the Sage could almost be called a "sieve", for the vast flow of life's experiences pass through it; but the sieve has form, an individual form.

The inner pressure of the initial phase of a life-process represents the karma which the process has constantly (or periodically, stage after stage), to overcome. The spiritual Teacher or Guide, in one sense, provides the aspirant to transformation with an ideal Image of a higher evolutionary phase of the process. While the Guide's task is to impress this Image upon the consciousness of the one he or she helps, it is also to make very clear what is demanded of the aspirant in order to take the decisive step from the past to the future level of conscious development required for the actual transformation.

Four Levels of Interpreting Human Experience and Astrological Data • Four Levels of Human Functioning • A Multilevel Astrology • The Biological Level of Interpretation • The Sociocultural Level and the "Person" • The Planets' Meanings at the Sociocultural Level • Nodes, Eclipses and the TransSaturnian Planets 4. The Individual Level of Interpretation I. An Astrology of Information The word information has lately become a keyword because the passion for new data and the classifying of these data, called facts, is one of the dominant traits of the modern techniqueworshipping mentality.

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