Auschwitz report by De Benedetti, Leonardo; Levi, Primo; Gordon, Robert Samuel

By De Benedetti, Leonardo; Levi, Primo; Gordon, Robert Samuel Clive

"While waiting for go back domestic in a Russian-administered maintaining camp in Katowice, Poland, in 1945, Primo Levi, with his pal, the healthcare professional Leonardo De Benedetti, was once requested to supply a document on dwelling stipulations in Auschwitz for the Russian experts. released the subsequent 12 months, it used to be then forgotten and has beforehand remained unknown to a much broader public. right here, it's released for the 1st time in the Read more...


offers a file on residing stipulations within the focus camp for Russian specialists. Representing the makes an attempt at fathoming the horrors, this paintings information the deportation to Auschwitz, Read more...

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These details matter, because they reveal the stark facts of a time and place in which human beings were condemned to die from diarrhoea and diphtheria and invasive ulcers as deliberately as they were condemned to die by gas. Judith Woolf Acknowledgements The editor and translator wish to thank the following for their help and support in preparing this volume: Einaudi publishers and the Levi estate; the National Humanities Center, USA (John E. Sawyer Fellowship and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation); Marco Belpoliti, Alberto Cavaglion, John Foot, Marion and David Morris, Tom Penn, Bruno Vasari.

First – and doubtless the reason most readers will pick up this book – there is simply the name of one of its authors. Auschwitz Report was Primo Levi’s very first published piece of writing of any kind. In other words, one of the great voices of twentieth-century literature and testimony begins here. Such a ‘first’ would be extraordinary enough in and of itself, but the report also has more nuanced value for our understanding of Levi’s work. As we have seen, Levi was working on the report in the same weeks and months that If This is a Man was taking shape.

Treatment was extremely basic: cold compresses on the chest, a few antipyretic tablets and, in the most serious cases, sulphonamides in totally inadequate doses, along with a little Cardiazol. For neuralgias – lumbago and sciatica were especially common – and for arthritis the patients were subjected to heat treatment; no treatment was practised for frostbite apart from amputation of the affected part when the frostbite was sufficiently severe. Infectious diseases – The exanthemata represented the most common of these, especially scarlet fever, chickenpox, erysipelas and diphtheria.

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