Automorphic Representations of Low Rank Groups by Yuval Z Flicker

By Yuval Z Flicker

The world of automorphic representations is a typical continuation of reviews in quantity thought and modular kinds. A guideline is a reciprocity legislation bearing on the limitless dimensional automorphic representations with finite dimensional Galois representations. uncomplicated family at the Galois facet mirror deep kinfolk at the automorphic aspect, known as “liftings”. This ebook concentrates on preliminary examples: the symmetric sq. lifting from SL(2) to PGL(3), reflecting the third-dimensional illustration of PGL(2) in SL(3); and basechange from the unitary staff U(3, E/F) to GL(3, E), [E: F] = 2.The e-book develops the means of comparability of twisted and stabilized hint formulae and considers the “Fundamental Lemma” on orbital integrals of round features. comparability of hint formulae is simplified utilizing “regular” features and the “lifting” is acknowledged and proved via personality relations.This allows an intrinsic definition of partition of the automorphic representations of SL(2) into packets, and a definition of packets for U(3), an evidence of multiplicity one theorem and pressure theorem for SL(2) and for U(3), a choice of the self-contragredient representations of PGL(3) and people on GL(3, E) fastened by means of transpose-inverse-bar. specifically, the multiplicity one theorem is new and recent.There are purposes to building of Galois representations through specific decomposition of the cohomology of Shimura different types of U(3) utilizing Deligne's (proven) conjecture at the mounted element formulation.

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The only cr-invariant one-dimensional representation TT of G is the trivial one. Indeed, n is given by a character /3 of Fx (namely, n (g) = (3(

If ir is an admissible representation, for any / in C£°(G) the operator Tt(fdg) = fG f(g)n(g)dg has finite rank. We write tnr(fdg) for its trace. If n is irreducible but not equivalent to °7r, then tv-K(fdgxa) is zero. If n is irreducible and unramified, and fdg is spherical, then n(fdg) is a scalar multiple of the projection on the K-fLxed vector w. If, moreover, -K ~ °7r, then ir(a) acts as 1 on w, and tnr(fdgxcr) = tvir(fdg) is this scalar. Let us compute it. 4 LEMMA. Suppose that IT is unramified and t = t{rj) = t(n) is a corresponding element in T.

The dual group H of H is PGL(2,C) -^SO(3,C). It is isomorphic to the centralizer of 1 x a in the connected component of 1 in G', and to the cr-centralizer G° — {g in G;g~1a(g) = 1} of 1 in G. The isomorphism is given by / ab\ 1 / °2 ab ^ b2 \ f ° , J I—>" — { acV2 ad+bc bds/2 1 (x = ad — be). This map will be denoted by A and by Ao: H —• G. i in G. The image is the centralizer of s x a in G, where s is the diagonal matrix diag(—1, — 1,1). Equivalently, it is the cr-centralizer G% = {g G G; s a ^ s " 1 = 5 } of s in G.

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