Basic Sigil Magic by Phillip Cooper

By Phillip Cooper

The simplest method to speak along with your unconscious is through magically charged symbols, or sigils. Cooper exhibits you the way to create sigils and use uncomplicated rituals to cost them with strength. He additionally teaches you the significance of utilizing colour and the seven planetary energies to reinforce the ability of your sigils. Illustrated. With bibliography & index.

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You probably will want to organize a regime and put aside some minutes for self-criticism in the morning and at night. If you have some free moments during the day, use them to do some intense thinking and remember­ ing. Are there still some faults hidden anywhere? If you discover some, record them on the spot so you won't forget a single one! Whenever you happen to remember another deficiency, note it down immediately. If, within a week, you do not succeed in discovering all your faults, spend another week on these inquiries until you have definitely established a list.

All miracles and so-called paranormal happenings are due to the workings of the subconscious mind. It is also responsible for many feats that cannot be explained by science. When given an instruction, it will always carry this out, no matter what the facts appear to be. How? The answer is connection. Subconscious Universal Energy, Universal Intelligence and Universal Mind Your subconscious mind has access to the abundant power that exists everywhere in creation. It can, at any time, draw on this power and direct it toward some objective.

If you are using a ritual to influence your subconscious mind, you must do it in an effective way. As part of this process, gradually build up in your mind symbolism that your sub­ conscious understands. " The basic idea may be correct, but the approach is unworkable because your subconscious does not understand words, whether English, Greek, Hebrew, Enochian, or Latin. No, you have to find a better way. You must look at what you are trying to achieve. The following exercises are important from two points of view.

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