Benevolent Magic & Living Prayer by Robert Shapiro

By Robert Shapiro

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You slow down, but the person doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing—perhaps he’s inebriated or perhaps he is sick and he’s not quite clear. In short, help has not arrived yet. Of course, if somebody’s in the car, you call for help because someone might be sick and so on. But until that arrives, you say either your benevolent magic or your living prayer, and once you’ve said it for yourself and waited for a few minutes, if the situation persists, you can then say a living prayer for the person in the car.

You die and you go on in some other form somewhere. ]. com • 1-800-450-0985 (US) • 1-928-526-1345 spiritual man, he has done a lot to popularize it so far. He has found that there is another thing you can say sometimes. You don’t say it all the time, but you might at times when you’re saying benevolent magic, especially if you’re going to do something, like you’re going to go to a meeting. Maybe you’re going to go to a sales meeting, and you might say your benevolent magic for the most benevolent outcome for that.

This happens. Other times, it’s other ways. But either way, when you die and your body returns to the Earth, you—your personality as you know yourself to be—go on. Your personality never dies. It goes on because when Creator creates a soul, Creator never uncreates that soul. So that soul goes on. com • 1-800-450-0985 (US) • 1-928-526-1345 This is why you can walk down the street sometime and you meet someone that you’ve never met, and before you know it, in a few minutes you just seem to be as close of friends as many people you’ve known for years.

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