Black Book Volume 2: Extreme, The Twisted Man by Christopher S. Hyatt, Nicholas Tharcher, S. Jason Black,

By Christopher S. Hyatt, Nicholas Tharcher, S. Jason Black, MobiusFrame

What are The Black Books? they seem to be a sequence of booklets from Dr. Hyatt and the extraordinary person Institute. Little extra will be acknowledged lest we supply away their goal and decrease their impact.

Black booklet II includes:

"Pain is Enduring, excitement is Fleeting" "Live the intense lifestyles" "Email from Lucifer"
"The international of MetaPuke"
"Who the Hell Am I?"
"After you've got all of it, Then What?"
and masses, a lot more...

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IX: The transcending of Contraries and the birth of the Vision of Pure Beauty. X: Study of his philosophical writings . Earth Inferno, Book of Pleasure, Anathema of Zos, Epigrams, Focus . . XI: Energized Ecstasy and the Cultus of Self­ Love . (A study of ZOS in his dynamic aspect showing his way of applying the potent and primal magic of life to the changing of Things in the external world through Ecstasy. ) 5 WYnne Road, Brixton Rd. S. W 9. Sunday {9th October, 1 949} Dear Ken & Steffie, So sorry about the other day but the printer wired me (re .

We have maligned him: h e didn't tear Swaffer and Bardens out o f the Sketch­ book at all) . . THURSDAY 2 6TH JANUARY, 1 9 5 0 Met Z O S i n Harry's a t 7 p . m . Had Russian Stout and mild and Burton. Went t o Slatter's 'Cock' pub in Kennington. Nothing outstanding except that he had a 'Sabbath' dream of vivid power yestere'en and has done some unmentionable graphic representations thereof. . He didn't mention my Intro . so I s'ppose the seed is working with insidious power. Amoun. Telegram 7 Fe 50 Forgive me writing Austin 5 TfYnne Rd.

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