Black Book Volume 4: Breaking Free by Christopher S. Hyatt, Nicholas Tharcher, S. Jason Black

By Christopher S. Hyatt, Nicholas Tharcher, S. Jason Black

What are The Black Books? they seem to be a sequence of booklets from Dr. Hyatt and the intense person Institute. Little extra could be stated lest we supply away their purpose and decrease their impact.

Black ebook IV includes:

"Extreme residing: the facility technique" via Christopher Hyatt, Jack Willis and Ben Mack
"Brain Abuse with out a Hammer" through Christopher Hyatt, Mobiusframe, and "Algorithm"
"Would There rather Be delight If every body have been Satisfied?" through Jonathan Sellers
and masses, a lot more...

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That is, the conditions for a dynamic confrontation were being created, whereby the body's considerable power would be made to give the psyche its initial push towards the journey of the spirit. In individual development this situation frequendy occurs, in that physical laziness and psychological inertia are overcome by the sheer unacceptability of a situation. Something has to be done to get out of a grinding routine or escape from day-dreams of a better life. At this point of deepest despair of Israel the Bible speaks again of the Covenant with the three Patriarchs.

Such a moment happened to Moses at the Burning Bush and he reluctantly turned his face toward the lower worlds where his work awaited him. For the individual at this point, such a state is familiar because no one, we are told, ever believes he is ready when called to take up his destiny. 8 Moment of Hesitation Exodus 4 Before Moses returned to Egypt, he went to Jethro and formally asked to be released from his contract. This is the normal procedure when a disciple leaves his master. Tradition states that Jethro said, 'Go in peace, enter Egypt in peace and leave the land in peace,' for he knew that Moses's task was to help redeem those in slavery and bring them to the Holy Mountain.

One may believe without knowing what one has seen, which is not the same as faith which requires real knowledge. This is proved later again and again as the Israelites revert to disbelief in their incomprehension of what their journey is about. At this point the miraculous appears in order to show a sensegrounded psychology that there are other dimensions and hope of help. However, redemption is not as instantaneous as many suddenly converted people would like to believe. While Grace may give a glimpse of other Wodds, it will not transform the being of a person unless there has been a great deal of preparation.

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