Black Glasses Like Clark Kent: A GI's Secret from Postwar by Terese Svoboda

By Terese Svoboda

After her Uncle's suicide, Terese Svoboda investigates his gorgeous declare that MPs could have performed their very own males through the career of Japan after global battle II

[Our captain] recommended us for being strong infantrymen and doing our task good and having at the very least difficulties. Then he dropped a bomb. He stated the felony used to be getting overcrowded, extraordinarily overcrowded.

As a toddler Terese Svoboda considered her uncle as Superman, with "Black Clark Kent glasses, grapefruit-sized biceps." At 80, he may perhaps nonetheless boast a washboard belly, yet in March 2004, he grew to become heavily depressed. Svoboda investigates his terrifying tale of what occurred in the course of his time as an MP, interviewing dozens of aged ex-GIs and vacationing Japan to attempt to find the truth.

In Black Glasses Like Clark Kent, winner of the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize, Svoboda deals a remarkable and thoroughly wrought own account of a frequently painful look for info. She intersperses excerpts of her uncle's recordings and letters to his spouse together with her personal examine, and indicates how the vagaries of army justice can let the worst to ensue after which be buried through time and protocol

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