Black Magic by Megan Derr

By Megan Derr

While excessive Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered physique of his cousin Alfrey, a miles enjoyed priest within the royal palace, he's left baffled as to who may accomplish that negative something to so strong a guy. yet to discover the reply to that query, he needs to cooperate with one of many hugely despised necromancers, males who perform black magic, sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls ... The necromancer Koray, besides the fact that, is way from what he anticipated. he's appealing, obdurate, and possessed of a tongue sharp sufficient to chop down even the excessive Paladin himself. Koray can be possessed of a power like not anything Sorin has ever encountered, and the facility of the Goddess herself. It doesn't take them lengthy to gain that fixing a homicide is the simplest problem they need to face, and with a purpose to store a country they need to first get to the bottom of centuries of lies and misunderstandings.

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Yes, High Paladin," the paladins chorused quietly, looking miserable, but resigned. Ambrose did not protest, did not so much as look at them. He did nothing, said nothing, felt nothing舒not even when the high priest concluded his prayers and the pyre was lit. He said nothing at all, even when he smelled his own flesh burning. Š Š Š Š Part One: The Necromancer Š Part One: The Necromancer One Sorin had seen blood before, more than he cared to recall. He'd seen men crushed, men dismembered, men more broken in spirit and mind than they could ever be in body.

Many said demons could only be made when humans succumbed to black magic. Still others said demons could breed and that was why their numbers had grown so great. All Sorin knew for certain was that the demons fed upon the children of the Goddess, stole their souls and power away to sustain themselves. Cursed by the Goddess, or simply reviled, demons did not naturally possess magic. All they had, they stole from the people they slew. A deep, vicious laugh drew Sorin's attention as he cut down one demon and threw aside another one already badly injured.

I know you think you and that demon …" His lip curled. "He had you bespelled, Ambrose. You are free now. Please, just realize it and renounce your false feelings舒" Ambrose did not realize that he had screamed, or moved, until he felt the hot sting of power forcing him back, causing him to crash into the far wall with a pained grunt. Levent opened the cell door, hauled Ambrose to his feet, and embraced him. Ambrose shuddered with revulsion and pulled roughly away, but Levent did not entirely release him.

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