Body Mind Spirit: Exploring the Parapsychology of by Charles T. Tart

By Charles T. Tart

Addressing the cut up among practitioners of technological know-how and people of spirituality, Charles Tart provides the concerns of recognized researchers and authors akin to William Roll, Ramakrishna Rao, Michael Grosso, and Jeffrey Mishlove on such matters as God, lifestyles after loss of life, channeling, and different dimensions. A ground-breaking paintings that could shock many readers.

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Wherever certain types of phenomena occurred, such as apparitions, mediumistic phenomena, genuine or otherwise, a large class of people appealed to them in proof was the subject of another of interest Idealism the great people, not life. in philosophies, but the common being able to master Kanto-Hegelian ambiguities, went off to the vulgar phenomena of mediumship for their evidence, and called their proof and theory by the name of spiritualism. They even succeeded in it to the idea of communication limiting with the dead, and separating it from any of the reigning ideas of philosophy and It was not born and bred in the religion.

It makes no difference to this point of view what conception you take of consciousness. It may 32 PSYCHICAL RESEARCH AND SURVIVAL be as different from ordinary as like. It is not its nature phenomena you physical that determines the case, but the evidential problem. We must leave the nature of consciousness to be determined otherwise than by introspection if it can be done at all. It the one fact that we know it normally as associated with material organism, and we have no normal traces of its continuance after dissolution of the body.

One has only to read Tylor's Primitive Culture to see this. It survived everywhere in the form of ancestor worship,' a term which conceals in Western ideas the real nature of the belief. Those, however, who know the beliefs of China and Japan, which are called ancestor worship,' ' ' find in them nothing but spiritualism pure and simple, modified, of course, by national But the primitive traditions and practices. form which this worship took is found more or less intact among savages to-day who have not come sufficiently in contact with civilization to modify it, and it is connected with such frightful orgies or superstitions that it is hard even to discover its real meaning.

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