Canaanite Myths and Legends (Academic Paperback) by John C. Gibson

By John C. Gibson

Tablets of poetic mythological texts unearthed in the course of the excavation of Ugarit were edited and translated to shed new mild at the faith and literature of the traditional world.

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265-306. The envoys arrive and deliver their message to Keret who refuses the gifts and declares that he wants only Huray; for El has promised him issue by her. They depart to take his answer to Pabil. 3 This name has been variously read; for whether it is a non-Semitic or a Semitic name is not known. 4 Note that this reference would seem to locate the action of the poem (and perhaps therefore the origin of the legend) in or near Phoenicia; see, however, p. 23 note 4. INTRODUCTION '5 Col. i [Beginning lost] LI.

It may be that we should deduce from this that the story of the expedition was itself originally non-Semitic, belonging for instance to northern Mesopotamia (as Astour argues on the basis of some of the place-names, notably that of Keret's kingdom Khubur, which is the name of a river in that region), and that one of the ways by which it was given a Semitic dress was to situate the incident of the king's vow (which is the link between the expedition and the more symbolic happenings of the last two tablets) in Phoenicia.

1-16. Daniel, a righteous chief or patriarch,2 undergoes a seven-day rite of incubation in the hope of obtaining a son; for unlike other members of his family he is without issue. LI. 16-34. 0° tne seventh day Baal takes pity on his misery and implores El, whom he addresses as father,3 to grant Daniel the blessing of a son capable of performing the proper duties towards him during his life and after his death, and of rendering due honour to the ancestral gods. LI. 35~4<). Daniel is blessed by El so that he may feel manly strength and have connexion with his wife, who will then conceive and bear a son capable of carrying out the aforesaid duties.

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