Catalytic Hydrogenation in Organic Syntheses by Paul Nels Rylander

By Paul Nels Rylander

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Some of the above points are illustrated by the results of hydrogénation of 2-methylcyclopentylidenecyclopentane (Table II). Classic theory would suggest that this molecule should be adsorbed on the catalyst in such a way as to afford mainly the ds-paraffin. However, Siegel and Cozort (1975) anticipated that repulsive interactions between the 2,2' and 5,5' ring positions 44 3. Hydrogénation of Olefins e TABLE I I CH CH 3 Catalyst 5% 5% 5% 5% a CH 3 3 % Cis Pt-on-C Pd-on-C Rh-on-C Ru-on-Al 0 23 13 13 45 45 (at 4 5 % completion) D a t a of Siegel a n d C o z o r t (1975).

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